NLP is not a science and anyone dumb enough, and this counts double for NLP trainers, to claim that NLP is scientific, is only making NLP into a pseudoscience. The best we, the NLP community, can do is do protoscientific research into how good NLP works. Nevertheless, it is important that NLP trainers never contradict the findings of NLP. Nor do the opposite and make all kinds of pseudoscientific claims that supposedly support NLP.

Apparent toleration. – You speak fair words about science, but! – I see behind your toleration of science! In a corner of your heart you believe, all this notwithstanding, that you do not need it, that you are being magnanimous in according it recognition, in being indeed its advocate, especially since science does not exhibit the same magnanimity in regard to your views on life. Do you realize that you have no right whatever to this exercise of toleration? that this gracious demeanor is a cruder insult to science than the open mockery of it which some arrogant priest or artist permits himself? You lack the strict conscience for what is true and actual, it does not torment you to find science in conflict with your feelings, you do not know a greedy longing for knowledge as a law ruling over you, you do not feel it as a duty to desire to be present as a witness wherever knowledge is present and to let nothing already known escape again. You do not know that which you treat so tolerantly! And it is only because you do not know it that you are able to adopt so gracious a demeanor! You, precisely you would glare in bitter and fanatical hostility if science should ever look you straight in the face with its eyes! – What do we care, then, if you practice toleration – towards a phantom! and not even towards us! And what do we matter!

Daybreak paragraph 270