What sometimes happens is that after NLP training or coaching one’s life improves considerably and a negative reaction to this sudden change is coming from friends and family. What is happening is that they themselves have issues and the person who has overcome his problems is now a mirror to them showing them that they have some responsibility for their misery. For that insight they blame the other person.

One’s own path. – If we take the decisive step and enter upon the path which is called our ‘own path’, a secret is suddenly revealed to us: all those who have hitherto been our friends and familiars have imagined themselves superior to us, and are now offended. The best of them are lenient with us and wait patiently for us soon to find our way back to the ‘right path’ – they know, it seems, what the right path is! The others resort to mockery and act as though one had become temporarily insane, or they make spiteful allusions to the person they suppose to have misled us. The more malicious declare us to be vain fools and seek to blacken our motives, while the worst former friend of all sees in us his worst enemy and one thirsting for revenge for a protracted dependence – and is afraid of us. – What are we to do? My advice is: to inaugurate our sovereignty by promising all our acquaintances a year’s amnesty in advance for all their sins.

Daybreak paragraph 484