NLP is inherently anti-systemic. If you ever find a NLP system it is wrong.

There are schematic minds, who hold a complex of thought to be truer if it can be inscribed into schemata or tables of categories drawn up beforehand. The self-deceptions in this field are countless: almost all great ‘systems’ are among them. The fundamental prejudice is, though, that it is inherent to the true being of things to be ordered, easy to survey, systematic; conversely, that disorder, chaos, the unpredictable can only make its appearance in a world that is false or incompletely known – in short, that it is an error – which is a moral prejudice, drawn from the fact that the truthful, reliable human being is a man of order, of maxims, and all in all tends to be something predictable and pedantic. And yet it cannot be demonstrated at all that the in-themselves of things follows this recipe for the model civil servant.

Notebook 40, August – September 1885 paragraph 9