NLP is all about feelings, especially good feelings. Although it is nice to think positively, to have wonderful mental imagery and constructive inner self talk, if you don’t feel good at the same time it is useless. Or the other way around: if you feel good, it doesn’t matter whether your inner self talk is negative or your mental imagery not positive. What matters is how you feel.

There must have been thinking long before there were eyes: ‘lines and shapes’ were thus not originally given. Instead, thinking has longest been based on the sense of touch: yet this, if it is not supported by the eyes,only teaches degrees of pressure, not shapes. Thus, before we started practicing our understanding of the world as moving shapes, there was a time when the world was ‘grasped’ as changing sensations of pressure of various degrees. There is no doubt that we can think in pictures, in sounds: but we can also think in sensations of pressure. Comparison in respect to their strength and direction and sequence, memory, etc.

Notebook 40, August – September 1885 paragraph 28