One of the basic tenets in NLP is that what we remember of our past has little to do what actually happens. And that, as long as you leave intact what the community sees as strict facts, you can create for yourself a history that makes you feel good. This process is often called “Change Personal History” within NLP, although most of the time this term refers to an outdated NLP technique. Modern NLP establishes this through the use of timelines.

Facta! Yes, Facta ficta! – A historian has to do, not with what actually happened, but only with events supposed to have happened: for only the latter have produced an effect. Likewise only with supposed heroes. His theme, so-called world history, is opinions about supposed actions and their supposed motives, which in turn give rise to further opinions and actions, the reality of which is however at once vaporized again and produces an effect only as vapor – a continual generation and pregnancy of phantoms over the impenetrable mist of unfathomable reality. All historians speak of things which have never existed except in imagination.

Daybreak paragraph 307